Concept Chemicals are based in Manchester (UK) and manufacture a wide range of car care products.
The grooming product range are sold under the "Concept" brand and the bodyshop safe product range is sold under the "Surface" brand.
We have represented Concept for more than 10 years and have found them to be a very supportive partner.

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  • Matting Mousse Scuffing Paste 3Kg
    Matting Mousse Scuffing Paste 3Kg
    Product Code: 70083
    Triple action flatting paste; abrades, cleans and degreases in one. Easy-glide action ensures consistency and uniformity of matted surface boosting new paint adhesion. Minimises scratches and tramlines that can reappear through clearcoat.    ..
    Incl GST: $79.35
  • O.K. Graffiti Remover 500mL
    O.K. Graffiti Remover 500mL
    Product Code: 644500
    Multi surface graffiti remover, plastic safe formula option. Highly active multi-surface graffiti remover, liqui-gel formula helps prevent run-off and allows for vertical surface treatment. removes felt tip, biro, crayon, paint etc. For treating sensitive plastic surfaces use O.K. Graffiti Remove..
    Incl GST: $45.89
  • Odour Router Apple 1L
    Odour Router Apple 1L
    Product Code: 33901
    Super concentrated air freshner, dilute to vary fragrance intensity. Now with super concentrated perfumes and new odour-absorbing chemistry to elminate malodours from vehicle interiors as opposed to just masking them. Long lasting: can be sprayed onto fabrics, carpets and into air vents.  ..
    Incl GST: $25.88
  • Orange Pad P15 150mm
    Orange Pad P15 150mm
    Product Code: 89910
    General prupose compounding foam. Can be used with Ultimate Cut for fast P1500 scratch removal and Ultimate Uno for first phase detailing work.  ..
    Incl GST: $20.60
  • Outline Tyre Dressing 25L
    Outline Tyre Dressing 25L
    Product Code: 44025
    Silicone free, water-based tyre and rubber dressing. Wets out to tyre surface effortlessly. Dries to a superb new tyre sheen. Ideal for showroom use and on internal rubber components e.g. floor mats. Non-flammable.    ..
    Incl GST: $102.47
  • Outline Tyre Dressing 5L
    Outline Tyre Dressing 5L
    Product Code: 44005
    Silicone free, water-based tyre and rubber dressing. Wets out to tyre surface effortlessly. Dries to a superb new tyre sheen. Ideal for showroom use and on internal rubber components e.g. floor mats. Non-flammable.    ..
    Incl GST: $30.48
  • Res-Q 5L Dispenser
    Res-Q 5L Dispenser
    Product Code: 0193
    5L Dispenser to be used with product code 94705. Hand cleanser for removal of paint/resin/inks.    ..
    Incl GST: $14.38
  • Res-Q Hand Cleanser 5L
    Res-Q Hand Cleanser 5L
    Product Code: 94705
    Res-Q Hand Cleanser is the perfect solution for the safe and effective removal of paint, lacquers, adhesives, sealants, resins and inks. Contains fine non-abrasive micro-granules which enhance cleaning action without damaging skin. Specially formulated with emollients to keep skin soft and supple..
    Incl GST: $90.85
  • Spot Cleaner 5L
    Spot Cleaner 5L
    Product Code: 21505
    Solvent dry-cleaner to remove stubborn oil and grease stains from fabric upholstery/carpets. 'Non-ring' formula.    ..
    Incl GST: $56.35
  • Squeaky Window Cleaner 750mL
    Squeaky Window Cleaner 750mL
    Product Code: 235075
    Liquid glass cleaner ideal for damp, cold conditions. Alcohol based rapid action glass cleaner. Performs equally well even in damp working conditions. Easy on, fast off. No coloured rainbow haze. Ammonia free.    ..
    Incl GST: $15.99
  • Super-Buff Lambswool Pad
    Super-Buff Lambswool Pad
    Product Code: 91108
    Superbuff, double-sided pad. Super-fast cutting action, when used in combination with Ultimate Cut. Highly durable and washable. Ideal for fast renovations of larger areas of painted surfaces.  ..
    Incl GST: $35.71
  • X-Pert Express Detailer 500mL
    X-Pert Express Detailer 500mL
    Product Code: XP90010
    3-in-1 waterless cleaner, detailer and polish for all exterior surfaces. Quickly and safely removes light soiling, finger marks, water spots etc from paint, trim and glass. Wax formula leaves paintwork with a high gloss showroom finish.   ..
    Incl GST: $22.89
  • X-Pert Hologram Remover 500mL
    X-Pert Hologram Remover 500mL
    Product Code: XP90013
    Hologram Remover is an ultra-fine compound specifically developed for the removal of micro-scratches, swirl marks and holograms from all paint types. Combined with the Xpert-60 Black Finishing Foam, Hologram Remover is the ultimate solution for final finishing of darker paint colours.  &..
    Incl GST: $22.89
  • X-Pert Interior Detailer 500mL
    X-Pert Interior Detailer 500mL
    Product Code: XP90007
    The ultimate interior detailing solution - conditions and protects trim in one easy action. Fast to apply. Interior Detailer delivers a non-greasy silk sheen finish to all pastics, vinyl and rubber trim. Refreshes and revitilises trim to return interiors to a showroom quality finish.  &n..
    Incl GST: $18.29
  • X-Pert Life Long Sealant 500mL
    X-Pert Life Long Sealant 500mL
    Product Code: XP90020
    Advanced curing-wax formula which delivers long lasting paintwork protection even in the harshest of climates. Combines UV protection to reduce colour fading. Long life wax sealing to withstand repeated washing and a deep gloss shine to enhance paint appearance. Suitable for painted surfaces on c..
    Incl GST: $45.89
  • X-Pert Liquid Shield 500mL
    X-Pert Liquid Shield 500mL
    Product Code: XP90021
    Multi-surface protective sealant for paintwork, exterior plastic trim, wheels, glass etc. 'Hydrophobic' formula repels water and dirt build-up making for easier repeat cleaning. Sealant cures for enhanced durability. Simple and easy to use; spray, wipe and buff off.    ..
    Incl GST: $30.94
  • X-Pert Luxury Carnuaba Wax 500mL
    X-Pert Luxury Carnuaba Wax 500mL
    Product Code: XP90018
    Luxury Carnauba Wax. Luxury car polish with natural Carnauba Palm Wax. For new or almost new vehicles. Deep gloss finish. Superb on red. Non marking on plastics or rubber. Hand or machine use.    ..
    Incl GST: $28.64
  • X-Pert Nano Express Wax 500mL
    X-Pert Nano Express Wax 500mL
    Product Code: XP90015
    Express Wax utilses a unique Carnauba based Nano Technology wax formula to deliver a fast and easy polishing action. Wax a complete car in less than 30 minutes! Waxed paintwork has a deep gloss 'wet-look' shine. The Nano Wax film is highly durable and repels dirt/grime/water for easy repeat clean..
    Incl GST: $22.89
  • X-Pert Scratch Remover 500mL
    X-Pert Scratch Remover 500mL
    Product Code: XP90011
    Universal scratch remover and renovator for all paint types. Scratch Remover will polish out most types of common paint defects; scratches from car wash brushes, wear and tear around door handles, marks left by bird lime etc. The unique formula renovates and enhances gloss finish in one easy acti..
    Incl GST: $22.89
  • X-Pert Tyre Detailing Creme
    X-Pert Tyre Detailing Creme
    Product Code: XP90017
    Superior creme for adding long life 'wet-look' shine to tyre walls. Leaves a non-tack glossy finish. Quick, clean and easy to apply using bespoke foam applicator. Suitable for detailing tyres, rubber and exterior plastic trim. Added value - detail 80 tyres from one 225g container!   ..
    Incl GST: $15.53