IES Air Dual Cartridge Gun

IES Air Dual Cartridge Gun

Product Code: 96214

Brand: IES
Price: $310.50 Incl GST: $357.08

A heavy duty "Air-Dual Component" gun designed for use with 10 fl. oz. (300mL) and 5 fl. oz. (150mL) INTER-MIX, INTER-FOAM and INTER-WELD products. Includes a push disc for converting to a 2:1 gun.

Designed for high viscosity products. Provides extra thrust and power. Nominal thrust 484 lbs. Features: TruAir Regulator - 100 PSO Max plus a Damp Valve to stop material flow and an adjustment knob to control the flow. 

Air Dual Cartridge Gun. 1/box.