IES Hybrid Panel Bonding Adhesive 200mL

IES Hybrid Panel Bonding Adhesive 200mL

Product Code: 8422

Brand: IES
Price: $55.00 Incl GST: $63.25

A heavy bodied, two-part high strnegth epoxy/urethan hybrid adhesive that will bond to a wide variety of metal and plastic substrates. When used according to specific directions, IES Hybrid Panel Bonding Adhesive may be used in the replacement of: Quarter Panels, Door Skins, Roof Panels, Truck box Sides and Outer Body Sheet Metal. High strength bond. Reduces welding time. Reduces fire risks. Provides corrosion protection. Contains glass beads to maintain a constant bondline thickness. This cartridge will fit the 3M manual dispensing gun. use replacement mixing nozzle 8265.

Note: Do not use on structural components such as Rails, Rocker Panels, Core Supports, Pillars, etc. 

Working Time: 60 - 90 minutes.

Handling Time (De-clamping): 6 - 8 hours.

Full Cure Time: 24 hours.

6.76 fl. oz. kit (200mL).

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