IES Inter-Coat 1500 946mL

IES Inter-Coat 1500 946mL

Product Code: 1500-QT

Brand: IES
Price: $58.50 Incl GST: $67.28

INTER-COAT 1500 is a rust preventive urethane coating formulated to apply directly on rusted metal, properly prepared bare metal, aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless stell, fiberglass and concrete. Drys to a hard, tough yet flexible non-porous finish. Will not crack, peel or chip. Permanently seals outmoisture to prevent rust from occurring. Ferrous metal will not rust if you can keep moisture away from it. When used as directed, INTER-COAT 1500 provides a non-porous barrier that encapsulates the surface to protect against moisture, chemicals and abrasion. INTER-COAT 1500 is UV sensitive. For applications directly exposed to ultraviolet light, INTER-COAT 1500 should be topcoated with a UV protective coating. 

  • Rust preventive urethane coating. 
  • May be applied directly over rust.
  • Dries super hard, tough, yet flexible.
  • Seals out moisture.
  • Will not crack, chip, or peel.

Quart can. 

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