MIPA 2K HS Fillprimer 1L - Wet on Wet

MIPA 2K HS Fillprimer 1L - Wet on Wet

Product Code: 227810005

Brand: Mipa
Price: $44.00 Incl GST: $50.60

New quality 2K-HS-wet-on-wet-filler especially suited for an economic painting of new parts and for value-for-money repairs. Very good stability and overspray absorption, excellent flow and fast overcoatability. 

Safety Data Sheet: http://www.mipa-paints.com/fileadmin/product/gb/sdb/auto/2K-HS-Fillprimer_GB.pdf

Technical Data Sheet: http://www.mipa-paints.com/fileadmin/product/gb/pi/lm/2K-HS-Fillprimer.pdf