MIPA F41 HS Primer 3L Light Grey

MIPA F41 HS Primer 3L Light Grey

Product Code: 228030000

Brand: Mipa
Price: $137.38 Incl GST: $157.99

Premium quality sanding primer filler in HS-Quality (VOC). Chromate-free, high stability and good filling power, easy to sand and does not sag/sink. 

Preferred primer for water basecoat systems.

Use with HS Hardeners (HS5, HS10) 4:1 by volume

Safety Data Sheet: http://www.mipa-paints.com/fileadmin/product/gb/sdb/auto/2K-HS-Filler_F_41_GB.pdf

Technical Data Sheet: http://www.mipa-paints.com/fileadmin/product/gb/pi/lm/2K-HS-FillerF41.pdf