IES Anti-Flutter Foam 50mL

IES Anti-Flutter Foam 50mL

Product Code: 8447

Brand: IES
Price: $21.90 Incl GST: $25.19

INTER-FOAM 5 Anti-Flutter Foam helps reduce noise, vibration and panel flutter in Roof Bows, Intrusion Beams, Hood X Frames, Trunk Lid Frames, etc. Duplicates OEM foams and has sag resistance, mempry and flexibility. Some uses include sound deadening, sealing and filling of: door skins to crash bar, hood panel to supports, trunk panel to supports and gas tank filler area. 

  • Expands in 3 - 5 seconds.
  • Handling Strength: 2 - 3 minutes.
  • Duplicates OEM Foams.
  • Paintable.

50mL kit.  Use replacement mixing nozzle - 8249.

Safety Data Sheet:

Technical Data Sheet: