MIPA Alu-Chrom Aerosol

MIPA Alu-Chrom Aerosol

Product Code: 213510000

Brand: Mipa
Price: $11.90 Incl GST: $13.69

High quality heat resistant aluminium coating with anti-corrosive protection for all metal substrates, i.e. exhaust systems, aluminium components, galvanised surfaces etc. Conductive and suitable for sport welding. Highly resistant against numerous acids and lyes. Heat resistant up to 800ÂȘC.

Safety Data Sheet: http://www.mipa-paints.com/fileadmin/product/gb/sdb/spray/Alu-Chrom_Spray_GB.pdf

Technical Data Sheet: http://www.mipa-paints.com/fileadmin/product/gb/pi/spray/AluChromSpray.pdf