MIPA Cavity Wax Aerosol 500mL

MIPA Cavity Wax Aerosol 500mL

Product Code: 21393

Brand: Mipa
Price: $14.60 Incl GST: $16.79

Conservation and cavity sealing coat, based on special wax which provides protection against corrosion on vehicle cavities. Due to its excellent penetrating properties, the product will displace humidity from the narrowest corners and folds. No drips or runs. Includes 60cm actuator tube. 

Safety Data Sheet: http://www.mipa-paints.com/fileadmin/product/gb/sdb/spray/HV-Hohlraumversiegelung_Spray_GB.pdf

Technical Data Sheet: http://www.mipa-paints.com/fileadmin/product/gb/pi/spray/HV-Hohlraumversiegelung.pdf