Body Fillers

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  • MIPA Fibreglass Putty 1.8Kg P51 Green
    Product Code: 2100.1800
    Glass fibre reinforced putty. Large quantity of long fibres in the product gives it very high mechanical strength and good filling properties.  ..
    Incl GST: $34.39
  • MIPA Glazing Filler 500mL P88
    Product Code: 28961
    Incl GST: $22.89
  • MIPA Lightweight Filler 3L P12
    Product Code: 291330001S
    2K-body filler with low viscosity for metallic surfaces such as aluminium, zinc, steel, iron, fibreglass and wood. Non-porous surface and easy to sand.   ..
    Incl GST: $34.39
  • MIPA P85 Fine Filler 1Kg
    Product Code: MIPAP85
    Birght-white, easy to sand, two-component finishing putty based on polyester resin. To be applied in thin and very thin coats as top coat above polyester filling putties in order to close possible ..
    Incl GST: $23.46
  • MIPA Plastic Putty - 1Kg P35
    Product Code: 2030.1000
    Elastic filler for repairs on plastic parts. Elastic contour putty especially developed for use on coatable plastic parts. Excellent adhesivity, high elasticity, fast drying and easy to sand. ..
    Incl GST: $22.89
  • MIPA PX9 Universal Filler 1.6Kg
    Product Code: 2350.1600
    High quality 2-component polyester universal filler for smoothing irregularities in the car refinishing sector, vehicles and mechanical engineering. Professional quality with excellent adhesion on ..
    Incl GST: $34.39
  • MIPA Soft Filler 2Kg P97
    Product Code: 29262
    PE-multi-soft putty including hardener. Especially creamy professional universal putty for all substrates, even aluminium, zinc and fibreglass.  Safety Data Sheet: http://www.mipa-pai..
    Incl GST: $34.39
  • AIRPRO Metal Spreaders
    Product Code: W3038
    4 Metal Spreaders of varying size.  ..
    Incl GST: $10.24