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  • Mipa Antidust 5L
    Product Code: 581020000
    Water-thinnable anti-dust coating for binding dust and overspray in the spray booth. Transparent, dirt binding, pleasant fragrance. Easy application using a spray gun (nozzle 1.8mm) on roller. Easy..
    Incl GST: $59.17
  • O.K. Graffiti Remover 500mL
    Product Code: 644500
    Multi surface graffiti remover, plastic safe formula option. Highly active multi-surface graffiti remover, liqui-gel formula helps prevent run-off and allows for vertical surface treatment. removes..
    Incl GST: $45.89
  • IES Rust Raider
    Product Code: 1840
    Rust-Raider etches steel and aluminium to improve adhesion of adhesives. It is the ideal item for you to use when you want to ready a rusted surface for painting. Conveniently packaged in a 32 oz. ..
    Incl GST: $41.66