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  • X-Pert Nano Express Wax 500mL
    Product Code: XP90015
    Express Wax utilses a unique Carnauba based Nano Technology wax formula to deliver a fast and easy polishing action. Wax a complete car in less than 30 minutes! Waxed paintwork has a deep gloss 'we..
    Incl GST: $22.89
  • X-Pert Scratch Remover 500mL
    Product Code: XP90011
    Universal scratch remover and renovator for all paint types. Scratch Remover will polish out most types of common paint defects; scratches from car wash brushes, wear and tear around door handles, ..
    Incl GST: $22.89
  • X-Pert Tyre Detailing Creme
    Product Code: XP90017
    Superior creme for adding long life 'wet-look' shine to tyre walls. Leaves a non-tack glossy finish. Quick, clean and easy to apply using bespoke foam applicator. Suitable for detailing tyres, rubb..
    Incl GST: $15.53
  • X-Pert Universal Cleaner 500mL
    Product Code: XP9005
    Water-less, multi-function cleaner. Versatile, water-based cleaner for exterior and interior surfaces multi-function; effortlessly removes dirt from paint, glass, fabrics, plastics, metal etc. Adva..
    Incl GST: $18.29
  • 3C Universal Cleaner
    Product Code: 21605
    Concept 3C Universal Cleaner. Rapid action multi-purpose manual cleaner for vinyl, PVC, plastics, fabrics, carpets, headlinings etc. Removes nicotine staining fast. Low pH and very user friendly. L..
    Incl GST: $34.39
  • 22-piece spraygun cleaning kit.  Set contents: 6 x precision needle set 1 x handle for precision needle 1 x handle for detail end brush 3 x detail end brush set (1/4,3/8,1/..
    Incl GST: $40.14
  • Auto Shampoo 5L
    Product Code: 11005
    Concentrated manual use shampoo. For 'hand' or machine use. Trade formula, rapidly lifts away dirt and road film leaving a bright streak free and sparkling clear finish. Concentrated for economy.&n..
    Incl GST: $22.89
  • Conquest Wheel Cleaner 5L
    Product Code: 11205
    High performance alkalne cleaner for all wheel types. High performance, new generation non-acidic wheel cleaner for rapid, easy and safe removal of ingrained dirt and black brake dust, from vehicle..
    Incl GST: $39.68
  • Premium Traffic Film Remover and concentrated multi-purpose cleaner. Supercharged cleaning performance with Nano Wax technolgy; creates 'water-chasing' effect to reduce drying time. Spot free finsi..
    Incl GST: $40.25
  • Grooming Starter kit
    Product Code: GSK
    A perfect grooming kit for your "Pride and Joy". Contains an express detailer, interior detailer, express wax, tyre creme, universal cleaner, a glass cleaner and 2 microfibre cloths. ..
    Incl GST: $100.00
  • Interior Sponge
    Product Code: 87410
    Crunchy - hard sponge for use with interior cleaners to safely agitate surface of plastics, velour, fabrics & carpet. ..
    Incl GST: $5.69
  • IWATA Buff Pad Cleaner
    Product Code: PADCLEANER
    Buff pad cleaner. ..
    Incl GST: $20.13
  • Sturdy, robust and space saving paper dispenser with tear-off blades for cleaning and polishin cloths. Suitable for paper rolls up to 40cm.  ..
    Incl GST: $79.35
  • Micro-Ace Cloth
    Product Code: 0225S
    High performance microfibre polishing cloth. Enhanced buffing action to achieve higher gloss quality. Microfibre weave traps dirt, dust and polish residues. Leaves no marks, scratches or lint. SIng..
    Incl GST: $4.49
  • P-15 Cutting Compound 1L
    Product Code: 70005
    Medium/coarse super-fast cutting compound for all paint types. Will quickly and permantely remove scratches up to P1500 depth. Ideal for harder types and aged paint finishes. For maximum cutting pe..
    Incl GST: $45.89
  • P.B.R. Special 1L
    Product Code: 44101
    Exterior plastic and bumper gel renovator for rapid restoration of all exterior plastics, bumpers, door strips, mirror casings etc. Gives 'as-new' satin O.E.M. appearance. Non-tack, long lasting fi..
    Incl GST: $37.92
  • Putty 200g
    Product Code: 95434
    'Miracle' problem solving cleaning bar to remove paint overspray, industrial fall-out, tree sap residues etc. from paintwork, glass, plastics, chrome. Saves time. Easy & safe to use.  ..
    Incl GST: $43.13
  • Spray + Finish 1L
    Product Code: 48701
    Spray cleaner for removing compound residues. Bodyshop safe formula and completely removes compund residues from paint, glass and plastic surfaces. Use trhoughout the compounding process to facilit..
    Incl GST: $46.29
  • Spray + Finish 5L
    Product Code: 48705
    Spray cleaner for removing compound residues. Bodyshop safe formula and completely removes compund residues from paint, glass and plastic surfaces. Use trhoughout the compounding process to facilit..
    Incl GST: $112.84
  • Squeaky Window Cleaner 5L
    Product Code: 23505
    Non-alcohol liquid glass cleaner; easy on, easy off. No streaking, no coloured rainbow haze. Ammonia free. Also for mirrors and acrylic windows. Sparkling clear finish.    ..
    Incl GST: $29.50