MIPA CX1 2K-Clearcoat 750mL

MIPA CX1 2K-Clearcoat 750mL

Product Code: 23321

Brand: Mipa
Price: $23.60 Incl GST: $27.14

High quality 2K-acrylic clearcoat for fast and economic repairs. Can be polished after only 15 minutes drying time (60°C). Excellent resistance against all kinds of weathering as well as chemical and mechanical load. 

Safety Data Sheet: http://www.mipa-paints.com/fileadmin/product/gb/sdb/auto/2K-Express-Klarlack_CX1_GB.pdf

Tehcnical Data Sheet: http://www.mipa-paints.com/fileadmin/product/gb/pi/lm/2K-ExpressKlarlackCX1.pdf