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  • AIRPRO Laser Weld Removal Tool
    AIRPRO Laser Weld Removal Tool
    Product Code: SA8728
    Designed for the quick and efficient removal of laser welds.  Includes 1 burr cutter bit. collet chuck is 6mm (1/4in)       ..
    $199.00$295.00 20% saving Incl GST: $228.85
  • Aluminium Dent Puller
    Aluminium Dent Puller
    Product Code: FY80L
      As time goes on, more and more car panels are made of aluminium. With advanced welding power and control technology, the FY-80L is specifically designed for aluminium panel repairs of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volvo amongst others. Whilst specially designed for aluminium body r..
    $2,950.00$3,950.00 25% saving Incl GST: $2,950.00
  • Mobile Bumper Stand
    Mobile Bumper Stand
    Product Code: FK409
    $495.00$545.00 9% saving Incl GST: $495.00
  • Tool Trolley
    Tool Trolley
    Product Code: FY903B
    Sturdy tool trolley with 3 trays. Product supplied in kitset form. Made in China. ..
    $99.00$139.00 29% saving Incl GST: $99.00
  • 689J 1L
    689J 1L
    Product Code: 70021
    Medium/dine cutting compound for all modern paint finishes. Quickly removes finer scratches (P2000) and is very effective at compounding softer lacquer types. Formula designed to reduce clogging when used with lambswool pads.    ..
    $29.90$47.50 37% saving Incl GST: $34.39
  • O.K. Graffiti Remover 500mL
    O.K. Graffiti Remover 500mL
    Product Code: 644500
    Multi surface graffiti remover, plastic safe formula option. Highly active multi-surface graffiti remover, liqui-gel formula helps prevent run-off and allows for vertical surface treatment. removes felt tip, biro, crayon, paint etc. For treating sensitive plastic surfaces use O.K. Graffiti Remove..
    $19.90$39.90 50% saving Incl GST: $22.89