Panel Tools

Specialised tools used in the panelbeating trade.

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  • Air Porta Power
    Product Code: SCEP01AE
    Air operated push/pull porta-power. Made in Japan.  ..
    Price includes GST
    No Reserve
  • AIRPRO 20 Tonne Porta Power Kit
    Product Code: FRY20
    Good quality 20 Tonne Porta Power Kit. Metal box - made in Taiwan. ..
    Incl GST: $454.25
  • AIRPRO 4 Tonne Porta Power Kit
    Product Code: FRY4
    Good quality 4 Tonne Porta Power Kit. Metal box - made in Taiwan. ..
    Incl GST: $228.85
  • BODYMAN Hot Stapler
    Product Code: HOTS
    Hybrid plastic repair system and plastic welder. All standard types of welding staples for easy seam repairs for repairing most types of plastics. A hot blade allows you to smooth out the repair ar..
    Price includes GST
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  • Ideal for prying seals, bearings, manifolds, oil pans, axils, drive shafts, fuel injectors. Idexing head can adjust 14 fixed angles, indexible to 180*C. Push design for quick release pry head and e..
    Incl GST: $61.07
  • AIRPRO Deluxe Panelbeating Kit
    Product Code: W3003D
    Excellent quality 7-piece panelbeating kit with 3 hammers and 4 dollys. ..
    Incl GST: $228.85
  • AIRPRO Dent Puller Set
    Product Code: YC900
    10 lbs. Large sliding hammer/dent puller set. Find all kinds of hooksand and pullers to fit. Hooks made by plate for easy work when operator uses it in a confined space.  ..
    Incl GST: $129.38
  • AIRPRO Laser Weld Removal Tool
    Product Code: SA8728
    Designed for the quick and efficient removal of laser welds.  Includes 1 burr cutter bit. collet chuck is 6mm (1/4in)       ..
    $199.00$295.00 20% saving
    Incl GST: $228.85
  • AIRPRO Panel Stand
    Product Code: AFK-BW30
    Panel stand/work stand.  ..
    Incl GST: $57.39
  • Aluminium Dent Puller
    Product Code: FY80L
      As time goes on, more and more car panels are made of aluminium. With advanced welding power and control technology, the FY-80L is specifically designed for aluminium panel repairs ..
    $2,950.00$3,950.00 25% saving
    Incl GST: $2,950.00
  • Automotive Multi Stripping Tool Kit
    Product Code: SA8516PNK
    Automotive Multi Stripping Tool Kit 3 tools in one - using erasor wheels, clean/strip discs and wire wheels. Replacement wheels/discs available. 12 month warranty. ..
    Incl GST: $488.75
  • Tool Trolley
    Product Code: FY903B
    Sturdy tool trolley with 3 trays. Product supplied in kitset form. Made in China. ..
    $99.00$139.00 29% saving
    Incl GST: $99.00